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 We manufacture all wreaths and wood products here in Wisconsin, and even though we are a small company, we make a quality product and supply thousands of items per year.  We offer handmade products and will work with our clients to get them everything they need.

We also do custom products, give us a call.


Birch Wreath has a NEW phone number for ordering this year:  (715) 497-5207

Email for Wholesale Price list: galen@birchwreath.com



Click on images to view in larger sizes

Stained Lathe Boxes - square or tapered 

6" x 5" x 10" long


Wren House - made with hanging hook on roof

various colors available



Birch Log Wren House

 8" deep and 6" high

Grapevine Star - with wood heart and raffia

10" long


Key Hanger Wall Shelf

12" long


Birch Wall Candle Sconce

12"  long

Birch Bark Round House - all wood inside

bark roof opens from bottom for clean out

Birch Pole sold separately


Birch Candles 5"

They come  5", 6" or 7" tall

Birch Vase - 12" tall, slightly tapered.  Approx 4" x 4" at bottom


Birch Bark Floor Vase
6" x 6" x 12" tall

  faced with birch bark and trimmed with birch limbs


Rolled Birch Bark baskets with bark handle - 4" tall w/o handles

2 sizes:  6" and 8"

Birch Bark Wall Basket 5"x 3" w/o handle

comes with grapevine handle

Birch Box - 4" x 6" x 4"high

Big Frame - 12" x 14"

trimmed w/bark and inlaid stick

pictures not included <---->

Birch Frame - 8" x 10"

with 3D birch tree on front

Birch Bark Cross - accented with grape vines

10" long



Birch Mushroom Trio - 5" tall

Fantastic Blue Bird House approx 14" high

wood board inside, correct size opening with perch

Birch Tip Cross -  14" tall


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