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 We manufacture the wreaths and wood products here in Wisconsin, and even though we are a small company, we make a quality product and supply thousands of items per year.  We offer handmade products and will work with our clients to get them everything they need. We also do custom products.


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The history of the birch wreath has gone back as far as there were birch trees. Wreaths have always been placed in the home for celebration, and to accent a story in history.


The birch tree is harvested and the tips and limbs are all removed and used for our products.  The bark is then removed and the log goes to our mill and is cut to make wooden products for our customers.

Any part of the tree that cannot be used for product is used to heat the shop, and even the sawdust is used for mulching our gardens where our pumpkins are grown. The Stump from that tree will then sprout shoots, and continue to re-grow.

The birch wreath has beauty for every season and can be charmed with the owner's own decor of silk flowers, ribbons, leaves or more.  Even with that in mind the Birch wreath is stunning all by itself.


Original birch wreaths were made from birch in the spring, because of the beauty of what is called catkins, which is the hanging bud or cone that shows only in the spring or late fall.


Early settlers would pick the tips of the birch and make wreaths to represent good luck and fortune in the following season, the coming of a new day.


People all over the world enjoy the splendor of a real traditional wreath that can be shared for all seasons!



Let our wreaths bring you happiness and good fortune!

Click on images to view in larger sizes

Birch stick Wreath
Made out of the birch tree tips some with catkins
This wreath is made in many sizes:
b6 - a 6"ring- outside measurement of 22" to 24"
b10 - a 10" ring - outside 24"
b30 -a 24" ring - outside 30" to 36"



Square birch stick Wreath

bsquare - outside approx. 20"

Birch tip Wreath with added pussy willows
bpw - 24 " wreath
(seasonal order for spring delivery)


Birch stick Heart Wreath
bheart - approx 20"

Birch Swag
bswag - 24" wide x 36" long


Birch with willow added
bw10 - 10 inch ring - approx.24" outside


Birch tip Wreath with lots of added red dogwood
bwild - outside approx. 36" to 40"

Birch with dogwood added
- 10 inch ring - approx. 24"



Birch tip Wreath with added pussy willows
bpw - 24 " wreath
(seasonal order for spring delivery)


Birch tip Cross
Bcross -  20" tall


Bud wood  - this wreath is a special type wreath made from tammark


Cinnamon Scented Wreath
has cinnamon scent added to wreath
b10scented - 10" ring,  24" wide


Lavender Scented Wreath
has lavender woven into the wreath
b10lavender - 10 " ring, 24" wide


Fall Gold Wreath
has golden yellow real preserved leaves added

Summer Wreath
has real preserved oak leaves in green shades added


Bittersweet Wreath
10" ring - 26" wide (Seasonal)

SOLD OUT for 2011


Dogwood, willow, curly willow, pussy willow, birch, bud wood, fantail willow - all in bunches of 10 and 30" to 36" long

Bittersweet Bunches --->
cut fresh in the fall

Bittersweet is seasonal        SOLD OUT FOR 2011


We pick winter birch bud tips and make our wreaths as they are fresh off the trees so you will have the nicest birch wreath available.

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